Strategic partners for a human type of business growth.

The business operations and strategic partners your business needs to supercharge company results with smart business practices. We use research and data to create human-first solutions to maximize your team’s capabilities and increase social impact.

Helping businesses make good choices.

Frustrated with investments that
lead to nowhere?

The good and bad news is that you’re not alone.

Making business investments without aligning it to your organizational strategy – or worst, not having an organizational strategy at all– will likely end in expensive mistakes. This leads to lost money, time, investor confidence, and frustrated employees that become divested in the business vision.

Yet most companies still function in this way today. Sidestep the competitive confusion with strategic solutions that help you build and execute on your company vision.
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Scrap Strategies' efforts not only supported the agency while our team expanded over 400x, but ensured that every new team member felt empowered to quickly step into their roles and confidently represent our agency.

Kia principal and founder at Determined by Design

Industry Research

Access independent research and data to validate market fit and gain actionable insights on competitors, market trends, and the differentiators that allow for capitalizing today's market opportunity.


Customer Insights

Learn not just what drives sales, but what keeps them with qualitative and quantitative analysis. Hear what matters most from your best evangelists and measure your delivery for needle-moving business impact.


Internal Operations

Internal processes and systems audits measure the gap between organizational goals and consistent successful delivery. Then beef up your org with new human-centered business operations that emphasize communication, worker support, reducing redundancies, and collaboration.

A process for market

Good business choices begin with our proprietary
Potent Position Method, made up of these four steps–


Find what makes you shine

What makes your team and business special?

While much of the informing data lies in business policies, defined OKRs, tool metrics, etc – the most important element is understanding what drives the business and how that presents itself in internal culture, business operations, and external engagements.


Source your prime opportunities

How does your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) fit within your industry climate?

A Potent Position Matrix is drawn from the primary and secondary research conducted. Independent information gathering allows to create an objective, data-driven  view of your competitive landscape and identify the opportunities for investment.


Map out your potent position strategy

Where does your company play and how does it win?

Analyze data gathered paired with the distinct traits that make your organization shine to define a  Potent Position strategy. Potent Position supporting the business mission and helps CEO’s make good choices by creating alignment on strategic themes and tradeoffs.


Put insights into action

How do your company execute those winning choices?

Together, we’ll build a detailed roadmap for successful execution that works within the confines of organizational policies and support enablement with ongoing support.

Operational partners for businesses doing better than business as usual.

Do more than the status quo. Prepare your business and team for the future with partners equally invested in your success. We help impact-driven organizations meet goals with human-first systems that are good for business and the world.