Meet the brand

As we've trekked into a season of reset and created an opportunity for intentionality, the last six months have been spent assessing the company culture we would like to develop and how that intersects with what the market needs and where we really shine. We looked at who we intended to speak, who was interacting with our content, and what needed to change to ensure there was alignment. The thread we chose to follow was a gap between those who Scrap Strategies initial sought as target audience (growing agencies and enterprise companies with 10+ FTEs), and this whole other audience of solopreneurs and new business owners who need and want the business strategy insights, but may not be financially ready for the type of support we currently offer.

The potential that we would be engaging with many micro and sole proprietor businesses is an unsurprising fact when you consider 54.4% of small businesses had fewer than 5 employees in 2018. That's more than half of all small businesses in the U.S!

So for months we tried to speak to both, but [unsurprisingly] it wasn't working. While in the macro scale, it's easy to look at these two business audiences the same. The truth is that where they are in their business, what matters to each CEO, and how they speak about what matters to them looks completely different. More so, you know the general marketing rule that if you're talking to everyone, you're actually talking to no one? Even as marketing strategists we fell into the temptation of trying to be "generalists."

The solution seemed rather simple, although resource constraining: develop a new subsidiary brand meant to speak to small and micro businesses exactly where they were. And with that – we're very excited to introduce you to our new sub-brand, Get Scrategy. Whereas Scrap Strategies will continue to help organizations go to market with new products, strategically align their teams, and build operational solutions to deliver on those opportunities– we're now free to keep this platform as a resource for continued maturity among established teams.

As a Scrap Strategies community member, there won't be much of a change, except for our Chief Strategist to write more relevant industry articles and insights in a tone that new know resonates with you and your peers. For solopreneurs and micro businesses, however, there will be quite a few changes. If you or someone in your network identifies in that camp, here's what they can expect:

#1 Content that meets solopreneurs where they are.

We likely won't totally kill the case studies, but there's room to make the industry learnings easier to digest– and most importantly, actionable for small businesses that may not always see how to apply enterprise or economic changes to their more vulnerable businesses. We'll also acknowledge the tight integration between work and life for this group, so there will be a lot more fun with this brand.

#2 Speaking of fun.. they've been brought into the visuals, as well.

While Scrap was meant to be, and is for, the more buttoned up "traditionally" professional audience, Get Scrategy is the little sister that gets little weird with it. With that in mind, the colors, visuals, and tone of this new brand reflect that more approachable ecosystem.

#3 Our Founder is [begrudgingly] becoming front and center.

Everyone wants to feel like they know the people they're entrusting their business to. However, we've seen that businesses with extremely limited resources have a heightened level of this sensitivity. While there are real tradeoffs to having a person attached to a brand, industry research shows that it's a pivotal part of how this audience engages with marketing.

And with that, we invite you to engage and share Get Scrategy with anyone that you think could benefit from this subsidiary company. This is new terrain with a separate set of offerings and services that we're excited to offer this audience. Thank you for being along for the ride with us!

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