New disruptor carves a bold space for interiors procurement.

Identifying the problem

A celebrated interior design agency looks to expand its services and impact by launching a new procurement business. The firm’s most pressing priorities were establishing systems that supported scaling and launching as a disruptor in a space filled with seasoned, established, competitors.

Scrap Strategies identified gaps in the market, built a go-to-market strategy, and managed the launch that shook up the stale procurement industry.

Creating a solution

Our collaboration began with a deep dive into the partner to understand their distinguishers. We then continued on to do a deep audit of the competitive landscape and climate to identify opportunities in the space, what potential clients sought, and the intersections where the firm was uniquely positioned to deliver.

Series of boxes labeled competitor with a blue outlined box labeled market opportunity

Gut-guided hypotheses backed by data-informed research.

Leveraging the client’s legacy knowledge to gain an understanding of the industry, we then embarked on a journey of research to identify what the market was missing, yearned for, and celebrated. Our research and analysis consisted of the following activities:

  • Internal workshop facilitation

  • Competitor identification

  • Competitor audit

  • SEO and keyword research

  • Cultural landscape research

  • Target audience research

  • SWOT analysis

  • Market gap analysis

Equipped with a deep understanding of the landscape, we proceeded to develop a strategy that would resonate with the client’s natural strengths and their target audience. Our partner was then provided a positioning and messaging strategy document and detailed go-to-market (GTM) plan.

Yielding Strategic Results


Guided by a clear positioning strategy, we partnered with Washington, D.C.-based design studio, Studio Delphine, to bring this new disruptor to market. Company launch, asset development, and support services included advising on the following:

  • Full brand suite

  • Mobile optimized website with CRM integration

  • Lead capture automation

  • Launch digital assets

  • Branded administrative assets

  • Dynamic proposal template


Distinguished company branding to compete in the seasoned market, clear positioning and investment requirement to fulfill a multi-year strategy, and systems to support business maturity. Having a defined strategy from launch not only supports business longevity but also allowed a 100% on-time eight-week delivery of the entire agreement. 

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