Err, this is kind of about us. Mostly, it's about why we're obsessed with your success and the state of work in the United States and abroad.

Scrap Strategies is a strategic operations partner for impact-driven businesses.

Founded in 2019, Scrap strategies was created by Gisell Paula, a marketing and operations strategist and evangelist for human-first practices. She has used design-thinking to support growing businesses across industries.

Today, Scrap Strategies helps agencies, nonprofits, and startups alike create the operational systems needed to grow. By instituting strategically-aligned operations, we’re able to create scalable solutions that build empowered work cultures, expand market opportunities, and prepare corporations for the future.

Scrap Strategies' sibling brand Get Scrategy supports micro-businesses and solopreneurs with the tools they need to align internal systems and create scalable growth. Visit to see what tools are available for small businesses.

Company vision

We envision a more equitable world by democratizing access to meaningful work. This world decentralizing access to power by lifting thousands–if not millions– of small businesses around the world.

We understand that we are interconnected in this globe and that in order to do right by ourselves, teams, communities, and neighbors, we must each consider the true costs of our business decisions.

Company mission

Our existence is dependent on our ability to enable purpose-driven organizations to scale their impact by making good choices to do even better work.

Supporting small businesses in their journey to access and impact makes better CEOs, who yield better workers, parents, neighbors, community members, and global citizens.

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